Friday, 25 July 2014

Weird Dream Yet Again

I always get weird dreams but sometimes dreams can only get weirder. I had a dream about my college friends that I miss so so much. 

First thing that I remember is when I gave my friend Rach a seaweed from Africa. Let's just pause for a while and reflect. Why the hell would I have a seaweed from Africa?? Also, I didn't know they have their own style of making seaweeds. Anyways, it looked a lot like something I can buy anywhere. Nothing special! So then moments later, she texted me. And it goes something like this.

Thank you for the African Seaweed. A Triangular creature from Africa is trying to steal it from me. If you know what I mean.

No Rach! I don't know what you mean! Triangular creature?? Are we talking shapes now? LOL. Then it ended.

The next scene was me going up and down the stairs seeing batchmates in their suits and dresses. I don't know but I assume it must be prom basing it from the aura of the scene. Random. From Africa to prom? Then I find my way to getting hold of my test papers!! Which are soaring high! Hahaha that's why I know it was a dream (LOLJK). Then I can't see clearly but I remember a high school friend mixed with college friends asked me how to say "CAN I BE YOUR BOYFRIEND?" In Japanese. 

I then concluded that it's my college friend because I don't want that specific high school friend to ruin my dream. Hahaha see yah! 

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