Saturday, 2 August 2014

Did I Just Free Dobby?

This is what happened. So I borrowed socks from my workmate because I forgot to bring my own and then actually, before this whole situation, we had this locker conversation about socks. One of them cannot get a pair out of the washing machine together and then the other (in whom I borrowed from) just totally lose it period. Cannot find the other at all. 

So yeah the next day, I borrowed socks from her and apparently, it was from GAP. I wouldn't probably spend that much for socks but then again... Okay so on with the story, it was my off the next I borrowed so I didn't check my bag right away so the day after that, I thought of washing the socks and well I CANNOT FIND THE OTHER SOCK! I was like, what is this sorcery? I usually don't get this situation a lot so I was really problematic when the situation occurred. I was like, what to do? Where to buy? I then decided to go to Machida, Tokyo but then it was closed! The luck of me! Really! 

Then I went to Hashimoto and there I was able to buy that same pair. Also, I bought a simple tee in which I kind of hesitated buying but then again, 1000-ish yen for a tee is not bad for a branded stuff. So there's that. That's all! I successfully gave the socks without losing it on my way home. See yah! 

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