Saturday, 19 July 2014

What People Think of Me

People at work are cofused as to what I really am. I told you that in my previous work, people thought I am not Filipina as they have talked sh't behind me (and front). Back in the Philippines, people actually thought I'm either Chinese or Korean. It's kind of the same story here in Japan. 

One person thought I was Vietnamese which made me kilig because for some reason, Vietnamese people are so beautiful. Or at least at my work place before! 

One person I am rather fond of thought I am from Peru which I kind of understand because people from Peru at that place looks Asian-ish but nah, we all know I'm not. 

Also, because I am friends with a lot of Nepali, people also thought I am one. Well. 

Now that I have started with another company, they thought I am Chinese. Sometimes Japanese. I remember I was asked by that nice lady if I want my video presentation on my orientation day to be in Chinese and I was like, I'm not Chinese. I'd like it to Japanese instead and she was like, oh you look Chinese. Okay. Then people at the locker room are saying "may bago!" or "eto yata yung bago" in which I answered "opo" and they were all like "Filipina ka?" and then a person said "ngayon ko lang nakita ito ha" and I was like "first day ko po ngayon" and she was like "ay Filipina ka? Akala ko ibang lahi sorry ha". Moral of the story is don't speak against people or if you have to, don't speak in front of them because you don't know what languages they can speak and stuff.

There's one Indonesian at my work place now who is so good at Tagalog that I can't even! So yeah that's all! 

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