Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Beating the Heat!

First things first! Three months in Japan now! Okay next. LOL. It's almost summer here and I can't help but be thankful I don't work in the afternoon or else! I'm just so glad I don't have to deal with the nasty weather. Well except the rain! I don't like it.

Recently, I went out alone to eat. Not like in a restaurant or something (will definitely try that!) but like in a mini stand bar or yeah. Also, I wore that shirt from the Philippines with pride! Apparently, that's the only loose shirt I have. That's another reason I wore it. Can't wear skimpy clothes on a nasty weather like that.

Anyways. I had Takoyaki and Mango Juice. The MJ was kind of expensive. I should have just gotten myself a Starbucks. Grande pa! Inis. Anyways, it was still kinda worth it because I went out on a very sunny afternoon so I was quite happy. The Takoyaki isn't that good. But I like it anyway.

I used to really really really like these. I guess sometimes things really does change. LOL. I still dig the grilled one but I haven't really got in to liking the one with soy sauce. I don't know why people like it. It's like a weird combination of sweet and salty. Me no likey. I didn't buy because I prefer them grilling it on the spot. Am I asking too much for 90 yen? Yes.

You know selecting what ice cream to buy is kind of fun in Japan. There's just too many choices!!! Even weird ones! Will probably try and feature some! And I'm already grossed out. Moving right along!

I bought this because I saw Hidemi eating this enjoyably. Nope! Not really good!! Am I asking too much for its price? Yes. But then again it did its job of icing me up. Whut?

This made me happy though! As you can see, it was a really hot day.

A shot of Sagamihara Station. As you can see, it was. Which sucks because first, I forgot my umbrella inside my locker so I have to share with a friend and second, I forgot my umbrella inside my locker so I didn't have anything to use later that day when I went to work. Great! Also, I forgot my e-ticket inside my locker so I had to pay for my fare! Not wise. Ugh! So stupid you know. It's actually because I have to hurry or else the bus might not have available seats. I feel like a ninja, really! That's all! See yah!

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