Wednesday, 6 November 2013

It's Christmas Soon

And nope this post got nothing to do with Christmas. It's just random ramblings of some sort. Oh before anything elss, HELLO guys! I just thought I would make a little disclaimer there. But anyways. I realize I never really stick to a certain topic regardless. 

It's already November and I can't help but really admire the speed of time. Imagine! I have been working for almost 2 months now. It seems like forever already. LOL just kidding. Ugh anyways. I'm almost through with my experience seeking thing here in the Philippines. And so far I'm actually enjoying it and as I've told you before, it's just nice being able to apply all the things I learned in school or internship in to life. Well not to mention it's also dangerous since I'm already putting my name to all the things I've done and will be doing in the future. The way I would like to address it is this. Even doctors make mistakes. Now I'm really kidding. No room for mistakes really. But doctors make mistakes LOL. 

But seriously! I think it's all happening too fast. I guess I have to enjoy the little things and just be happy and live the moment yeah? One Direction much or not? Because about this next time next year, I might regret things and I'm kind of certain that I won't be doing the same thing as I am doing now so yeah that speaks a lot. I might as well live in this time and just enjoy life pretty much. Just a little bit more wouldn't hurt I guess?

I am quite happy though that I am able to buy things I want. But sometimes I would hesitate and think twice if I really need something. Sometimes it's just that I would think to myself, "this is not what I worked hard for" or something. I don't usually buy expensive stuff back then when I was still a student but do you know what I mean? I don't just usually like to reward myself back then because I don't think I've worked hard enough as others. Comparing myself to others 101. But now that I am working, I think I have to somehow reward myself once in a while. Because you know, this time, it's just me. I do get things done and yeah. Just to have something to look forward to at least twice a month. I always feel tired though but I guess that's always a part of it. I hate. Just saying. 

By the way I will be stealing pictures from a colleague when she puts it up so you would know what it's like at work. Not that you want to know what's up. Anyways is this like a work post? Nah! LOL. 


  1. It's nice to treat yourself every now and then! We aren't big spenders either, but even eating out somewhere nice can be a treat

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