Sunday, 3 November 2013

French Baker's Macarons Review

I have told you before that I was a little bit disappointed on Macarons that I have so far tasted. Well actually, I have only tasted one and not impressive at all. And I was like, I'm not gonna give up on these colorful babies and would give it another try. Here's my verdict for the second attempt.

I got these Macarons from another familiar bakery in town. French Bakery. I have mixed feelings about this store actually. I mean, it's just that I don't really like breads all that much and the one I've tasted from this store didn't really impress me all that much so yeah. And the reviews I've seen listed Tous Les Jours' macarons above this one so I was like, there can't be anything worse than that! LOL. Just kidding. But really though thinking about it now, their macarons were pretty bad. 

You know me! These details just made me wanna cry! LOL. But I must say that their illustration is very well made. Love! I hope to live on that house where the girl stands. Must be very magical there! 

Verdict you ask? Well. It could be worse. I mean, just like Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, there are good and bad flavors. And if in doubt, you can always trust brown coloured deserts. I think that's all I've enjoyed. The pinks were the foul ones and the green which I bet is Pistachio is kind of foul too but I partly like it. And the orange one was kind of okay. Definitely zesty so might have been some choco drizzled orange or something. Just a disclaimer, I don't know the official flavours of these macarons. I wish I knew. As a conclusion, nothing worse than the pinks. They taste oh so fake. One more try (from another store) and I would really give up on the pinks. Okay that's all guys! 

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