Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ups and Downs of Being a Professional

can't believe that I would only be talking about this now. It hasn't been that long though but I just think that I somehow have to note this because sooner or later, I will just laugh at this thought because it wouldn't be relevant for quite a while.

So the other day, a Chinese family went to the laboratory to have their blood drawn and tested. In our field of work, you can't be assured that it's gonna be your day everyday. I mean, there would be days that you would be able to withdraw blood from all the patients and there would be days when you would feel like a starter all over again. I mean it's just like that. 

So back to the Chinese family. The phlebotomist that time missed on drawing blood from the son. Well basically, the family consists of son and parents. He endorsed it to me and though it was quite a challenge, I was able to extract blood from the patient. I gave the syringe back to the co-worker who endorsed the patient to me and then I returned to the laboratory.  So okay. After a while, the mother called me and I was like, what's happening? She said "I'm next" and I was like, okay. And then after I extracted blood from her, she said that there's still another one that she wants me to extract blood from so yeah. After the extractions, I was quite happy at some point because it's been a while since people have praised me for what I can do and stuff like that. I assure you it's not all skill. There would always be luck that comes with that. 

And then just awhile ago, there's a seven day old baby who we need to extract blood from and I was like, "I'm allergic to babies" and called the phlebotomist for the day. Okay at the end of the day though, I was the one who have to draw blood and failed sort of. I was kind of distracted because the baby is in a weird position and I don't know. I just generally have bad luck with babies. I was able to hit the vein but wasn't able to collect the blood. And as I was trying to search, the father who was holding the baby told me to take off the needle and just search the other hand. Okay then. 

I will then endorse it to my co worker. But then after we give the baby to catch his breath and all that stuff, they decided they wouldn't continue with the procedure anymore. And then he told the receptionist that they wouldn't continue with the procedure anymore because we're apparently PRACTISING on his baby. WOW! TELL ME MORE ABOUT IT! I don't really like it when parents interfere with what we have to do because come on! What do you know about this? I don't mean to be insensitive about the issue because I know that it's definitely different for me and for the parents because I'm a health care professional and probably don't care of the feelings of the baby. As far as I am concern, my priority is to get blood from the patient and parents would normally feel the pain of the baby right? Let me tell something. If you will interfere, chance is things will not go on its right flow and you know, most likely, your baby would be in more pain. If you will just let us do our thing, then it would be easier for the patient and the professionals. We're not going to kill your baby or something like that. Please don't be mental about it and most of all don't interfere. Just please be calm so it would be easier for all of us.

I very much favour the idea of not having a parent around the extraction room. So that there wouldn't be pressure and we wouldn't hear a thing from anyone. Again! That wouldn't mean we would do things differently. But it would really make a big difference. It's psychological. I don't even know.

We're not perfect. We make mistakes. We always try our best to do our job and if we fail, I'm pretty sure it's not because we're not trained or anything like that. It's not because we don't know how to do things and stuff. It's not because we're practising on your baby or your child. Life is tough. People are always trying to act like they know all the things that they don't have an idea even. Sigh. I'm sorry if you're a parent and have to see your children go thru all of this. We didn't ask for it. So please understand. 

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