Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dining at Yabu

Hi guys! I told you that after we watched the Hunger Games, we went straight to the other mall to have dinner and mom instructed us to go to Yabu. I haven't really tried eating here before this moment so yeah. I just thought I'd give you a review.

My sister Mari being busy. 

You know what's good in this place? You can get pre-occupied for quite a while. Or maybe like while your food is not on the table yet. It's quite genius!

It is also the first thing that I have noticed when I arrived. You grind it with that woody pestle which is quite an easy activity but be weary! You might actually get a little competitive. Well basically, since we were not able to get tickets for the 3:00 pm screening, we kind if have miscalculated everything so the moment we arrived, they were already done eating dinner and it's just 3 sisters who will have to eat.

Mama, Lola. and I

The place was pretty crowded. And I wonder why. I mean...

I'm not so impressed with their Tonkatsu. In general though, I really have a thing for Japanese food here in the Philippines. Like, it doesn't taste right for me. I don't know. The pork is so tender though but the there's something missing. I can't pinpoint but it's not right. I actually think that it's just me at some point but whatever. Does anyone share the same opinion as I do? 

I should have ordered this. Curry is love. I would've enjoyed my meal more had I ordered this. My sister Mari also got tonkatsu so yeah. The Kare is my sister Mika's order and she finished her meal so I'm guessing she really liked it. 

They give free refills of tea, fruits, rice, and cabbage which is quite a good deal! I won't say the price range is expensive comparing it to some other places but it's a little bit expensive comparing it to other places as well. See? No sense? I didn't really enjoy my meal that much but I'm still thankful that it was able to fill me up! :) Cheers. 

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