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Catching Fire Movie Review

Here's a review of the recent Hunger Games. Some ( little bit) spoiler too! So if you're meaning to watch the movie anytime soon, I am giving you time to click away. I don't remember everything from the movie so maybe this is just a review of the highlights and an overall review of what I can remember perhaps.

So Katniss and Peeta were on tour because they are victors right? They toured on districts and somehow made their speech. On the first district they went to, I liked the part when Peeta put down his cards and sort of talked to the people by heart. Also, when they showed Rue's family, I just can't help but shed a tear. Katniss and Rue were such great allies. And good friends so yeah. When the peacekeepers killed the man who did the three fingered salute was also a turning point. I mean, the system there is such a mess. Oh here's a thing, I kind of have a thing for touching moments. So that's mostly what I can remember when watching films. By the way I don't know the districts of where these scenes happened so if that's relevant to you, sorry I can't help you.

Katniss giving Snow the look.
So President Snow time. The president for some reason is not convinced of the Peeta-Katniss love story and so he asked Katniss to convince him or whatever and then he was thinking of ways how to get rid of Katniss yeah? So they then thought of the Quarter Quell where they would put all the Victors in one game and boom. I don't know if it's really a tradition because if it is, then Katniss would probably have been informed but since she was shocked, I don't know. From the way I understand it from the book though, they're saying that it's celebrated every 25 years so maybe it's a tradition. Anyways. Being the only girl Victor from District 12, it's then obvious that Katniss would be in the game 100%. The question is if it's Haymitch (their mentor) or Peeta that is going to be his partner. The picking of the name part is quite hilarious. So it was then Haymitch. But Peeta volunteered himself. As it was said in the book, to protect Katniss. Okay. 

Wedding Dress
Mocking Jay Dress
The Girl on Fire. Interview and everything. The parade showed their costumes on fire just like the last Hunger Games but the turning point as far as costume is concern is like the interview. They showed the wedding dress she should be wearing on her wedding day and when they asked her to turn around became something else. Something like a mocking jay dress with the wings. Quite impressive.  It made me think that the film is like a fashion show of some sort. Also a turning point is when all the VICTORS hold hands and stuff. It makes me feel nice when that happened.  But that actually didn't signify anything after they were thrown in the field. 

And then comes the part when Peeta and Katniss were talking on who have to survive. Peeta indirectly volunteered to die because he was saying that when he survives, he wouldn't have anyone. Katniss wouldn't be there. And he said that if Katniss lives, Gale would be there for her. And her family as well. Peeta also gave Katniss the locket Effie have him. Speaking of Effie, her wardrobe is just cray I can't even. Is she really wearing Alexander McQueen? 

The ending is kind of blurry (not literally) but I guess we really have to see the third movie. That's all guys! I wouldn't be interested in reading my own review if I were not myself. What? LOL but I guess you have stumbled  upon my blog because you were searching for pictures or some sort so yeah. Anyways, it ended  up with Katniss waking up in that techie space shuttle and she found out that Peeta is in the Capitol and she's just so angry and ready for it. Ready for what you ask? Well...

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  1. the hunger games - catching fire is a nice movie all in all, cant wait for mockingjay more series to come yeaaahhh



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