Monday, 31 March 2014

Despedida Party by the Bay

Hi guys! I just want to share what happened yesterday because it is so memorable in its own way that I can't not share it. Yesterday, I sort of celebrated my departure and yeah.

beautiful sunny day
my loves
We went to Mall of Asia because hey, it's my last chance to watch the sun set up close and by now, I'm sure we've already established my love for sunset and so yeah perfect!! But first, we went to church to say our little prayers. I prayed for my and my family's safety.


We strolled and we were thinking whether or not to ride the Dream Twister and indeed we decided to ride the monster!

Okay so the story is that the three of us were supposed to ride the thing because for the record! It was my bestfriend who asked us all to ride this but she backed out last minute! It was so frustrating but I was like, if not now, when? HA!


 I do not recommend this if you're scared or even not scared of rides. I mean, I actually don't have a problem with rides and man this ride is a killer! But if you're up for it, I guess just go for it. The highlight of the ride was definitely the priceless view of the sunset. Like, it was magical! Even though I felt like I was gonna fall and die, I think the sunset made the ride worth my 100 pesos. 


Then we dined in. As recommended by my best friend, we went to a place where we haven't been before. 

forever friends

The last thing we did was we went to Timezone (this crazy thing happened) and called it a night. It was such a wonderful feeling to be with friends. I wouldn't know what to do if I had to face it alone. Thank you friends! Until we see each other again.

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