Sunday, 30 March 2014

Renoma Happy Heart Lip Palette

I remember being given this but haven't really used it because I was not really a fan of lip products other than adding tinted lip balms on my lips and stuff but recently, I thought why not? The packaging reminds me of Michelle Phan's EM packaging which is like very minimalist with its clear acrylic looking packaging. 

I think it was my mom who gave this to me. Thanks, momma! To be honest, I probably won't buy a lip palette for myself as I am not a fan of it. I like the traditional lip bullet type of product but thinking about it, this kind of stuff is really convenient when travelling and all that jazz, yeah?

Swatches above and below are the same but the one below was taken with a flash. So just in case you're wondering what this would look like with a flash, there you go! You're welcome. :)

This palette consist of pretty colors that are suited for young girls. I mean, not that I am a young girl but you get what I mean? It's very girly and that nice hint of color is just about right for everyday wear.They are glossy which is kind of nice and yeah it's a very lovely palette in my opinion. 

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