Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Weird Dream.

I don't know why but sometimes my dreams are really weird. Let alone this one. Can I just share before I forget the details? Yup. Hahaha

So what happened was we are going somewhere. And in order to go to that place, we have to ride a train. Now we are wondering why all the trains are like, skipping and all that so my classmates decided to walk a little to the "higher ground" because one train that skipped our station actually stopped to get passengers there. The way was not normal. Like, so so dirty and muddy and all that shizz. The mud is even neck deep so we were crossing that and stepping on train rails. And when we reached the station, the guys there told us that we aren't allowed there. They were holding long sharp woods and they attacked my classmates. And then I was telling my friend to play dead so we won't be attacked but they did shot him from his head down. And I was like WTF-ing already. And shoot! They attacked me. My leg. The saddest thing is I felt the pain. And then that happened. The next thing is that this friend who was attacked in the head was thinking of an escape. So we did.

After some time, I was alone in the escape. A lot of running and jumping, and hiding. Guess who's running after me? TIMOTHY DELAGHETTO! And I was really afraid as eff. What happened was I ended up in some sort of a carnival and there were rides and even though I hid inside the ride, as in not showing myself, he would still be waiting at the exit to find me. And I remember there's this water ride which I rode with a couple. I believe I asked them to hide me and all that. And then I thought I escaped already but not really. It was actually a 2-turn ride and the first one went okay but the second one, thinking nobody would see me when I'm on top, a camera flashed. You know that camera the rides have in real life, yeah? That thing. And I was like, I'm dead.

So I run for my life and all that and then I don't know what happened or this is probably a filler because I was all of a sudden in a parking lot with Sponge Cola. Okay not really relevant. And then they were having a concert pala somewhere. Okay next.

Then this is like the resolution. One of our staff in the hospital appeared in my dream and he suggested I change my get-up. I was actually wearing my CPH uniform that time. Blue polo shirt, maong pants, and rubber shoes. I know it's him but I disn't really talk to me. It was my cousin and friend that he talked to. Which is funny because they were with me not in the train scenario but like, the parking and concert lang.

So that happened. I remember getting things randomly. A bag, shoes, stuff, and WIG! A white one.
Okay. I should probably study now. I obviously slept way too much.

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