Saturday, 9 February 2013

Long Day!

And I guess it's gonna be like this for a while. No regrets though. I mean, it's not gonna be for long so I have to sacrifice a little bit.

So we did our second trial of thesis at the University of the Philippines Manila for about two hours and then we decided to go to Robinson's Place Manila to kind of kill time. I was actually from night duty and our call time was at 11 so I barely had sleep but still! I was kind of hyper and all that. I also asked my cousin to go with me since we're understaffed so I really appreciated the fact that she came to help.

We saw a tea shop that is relatively new to us. We were actually supposed to go to Serenitea but I asked them to try this so we would have an idea of what's going on or whatsoever.
My friend and I ordered this thing on the poster because my friend asked what's the most delicious tea and the guy there asked us to try their best seller and just because we don't really know, we were sold. But my cousin ordered the Chocolate something Milk Tea. Which is surprisingly good. Ours was okay but not really that promising. Oh well. But it's still good. Large tea in this store usually costs 100 pesos so, not bad. Sakto lang.

And then we decided to eat at Hainanese's Delight which I was so curious about because I would always pass by their place and stuff so yeah.

Took this picture because the heart cut outs are so adorbs. I like it.

We of course ordered their best seller because you know, that's what people do in a situation like this. The chicken was good but the rice is better. They actually refill rice for free! How awesome is that? Gluttony!! The chicken meal costs 130 pesos and the iced tea costs 40 pesos which I thought is a little bit pricey for an iced tea. But oh well. So that happened. We actually had more than 4 cups each because the thing is they're using that small ice cream scooper as an alternative so we asked for two servings na agad agad.

Then we saw this and I thought I'm gonna share this with you. I am partly Chinese but I don't really believe this kind of stuff because you know, how can we all have the same luck? That's just kind of bizarre. But like what I've said before, it's good to be guided and all that so that it'd be easier for us to track the right path! And also, since the predictions are kind of relevant and possible, I actually think that this is kind of legit and all that. But not really. You know, I wouldn't waste my time believing this is if I happened to have a bad year coming or whatever. I'd be like, Chinese horoscope your face! No offense. Really though. At the end of the day, we believe the things we want to believe. And I approve of my Chinese Sign this Lunar New Year. I'm sorry I didn't take photo of the rest because you know, you know.

I have to better my life. Yup.

That's all! :) Happy Chinese or Lunar or whatever New Year to those who are celebrating it. Yehey! :)

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  1. Yummy food. It's lovely to taste their best-seller. Oh yeah , me and my twin always fight for horoscope. If their is luck I say it's mine and when it's bad day , I let it for her haha.

    Aree With Umbrella


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