Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Russian Roulette.

With all the bombings that happened recently that involved firearms and such, it has been a controversy whether or not private individuals should be allowed to carry one.

And I would like to share my reaction on this whole issue.

Recently, Sandy Hook was attacked by a guy named Adam and shot 26 innocent individuals.

See, I agree that people should be able to defend themselves in the best way possible but there should be a certain place where to get it and there should be a series of psychologic exams to be able to acquire one.

Because gun control wouldn't actually do anything good to anyone. It's not like criminals would just back off when it's finally implemented. It's not like bad people are actually waiting for this gun control to happen for them to start a new beginning. No. The thing is, since they're still out there with their guns, what about the good guys? It's not like the bad guys would just drop off their guns if they saw that their victims don't have guns and that they would just fight manually instead. It's not fair.

So what I'm trying to say basically is that if they allow private individuals to acquire guns, then there might be a lesser chance of murder and all that because bad people would hesitate a little bit. They wouldn't feel superior and just kill anybody. Think of it this way. There's a two room apartment and there's an armed man who wants to rob the place. The first room is where a normal person lives and the other one is where an armed person lives. The robber is actually aware of the whole situation. Where do you think will he go? Exactly my point.

Can I just share something?

Few years back, when we were on our way home from the airport, just few blocks away from our house, I saw a group of teenagers and one of them was holding a gun. I was threatened because they didn't appear to have a license to be holding that gun and stuff so that was scary as shizz.

We do have a gun in this house. My mom is actually licensed to carry a gun. My dad actually used to fire that gun in a shooting range but not anymore. Now would we use that if an intruder comes in this house, definitely.

Personally, I would like to have one in the future. For security, not for anything else.

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