Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nailed It. Boracay.

LOL. WTH? Can't think of any other name for this nails so whatever.

I don't like the color much though. It's kind of pretty when you see it in the bottle but when on the nails, it looks kind of dirty. NOT A FAN. I literally just had this on for like a day. Less pa nga eh.

With some color adjustments, you can see that it's actually getting kind of dirty na. I mean, not really dirty but this color is kind of more true to color than

The thing is, when first applied, it's actually gorge I don't know what happened like few hours later. It was probably oxidized or whatever if that thing actually happens on nail polishes.

I like its metallic touch though. Looks like teal in person. I don't know what went wrong though. Maybe it'll look good with some silver glitters or something. What do you think? There's something good in everything.

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