Sunday, 3 February 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out?

I hate that song. Anyways. Can I just show you pictures of my pets? Well they're not really my pets but they're more of "our" pets. I just appreciate that they're part of the family and that they're always there for us. Like, when I get home, I would always stop by the gate and would play with them all if possible. Oh well. They're actually like my stress reliever. Kind of.

This is Hashi, our newest dog/puppy. Well she's not actually new anymore but relatively, she is. She's like the cutest among the bunch :) Sorry other pets.

ADORBS! I can't even.

The Queen Bee! And the queen bee isn't happy. Her face is like WTF? here. Mocha is like, the oldest pet we have. And she's like, so precious. I can't even.

I don't know if I already introduced him to you but his name is Kori which means ice in Japanese and just so you know, he's actually the father of Hashi. What's interesting about Kori is that he always cross his legs like that. Like a BOSS. Classy senyor.

This is Prunes. His eyesight is really poor now. Because he's like getting old and all that stuff but we still love you PRUNES! :)

This is Hannah and she is Prune's partner in crime. Somehow.

Lastly, me baby! His name is SHIKI and he's the naughtiest but I still love him. My mom would always joke and say that we should just give him away because they're always getting annoyed by him and stuff but NAH. He's still a baby, you know. :|

That's all I have to say. :)) By the way I edited these pictures with an app called PicsPlay in case you're wondering. It's kind of a confusing app with lots of filters but it's really hard to choose because not all filters would look good and I don't imagine anyone using some if the filters available. Or I don't know. Check it out if you want to try it.

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