Thursday, 14 February 2013

Korean Village! :) Food Trip.

Birthday Week! I told my mom that I want to eat here so we went. Thankfully, there's an available time. I really hate how this thing couldn't just happen naturally. On a Sunday, for example. But anyway.

My youngest sister actually had dinner already so when we got there, mom said she could have ice cream. This is what she got. I personally like Korean/Japanese ice creams because they are just perfect. I mean, not too sweet and all stuff like that. They're also rich in flavor which I like. I mean, who doesn't?

How vain is this? Hahaha anyways, they serve cold tea which is like, awesome. 

And these came! Love love love! I wasn't able to finish everything though. 

Calbi is love! I think we had so much meat that time. No regrets. It was so good. 

Bibimbap! If you don't know already, this is like my, favorite food of all time. Just so you know! What's interesting about their Bibimbap is that they serve it in their stone pot or whatever and it just makes the whole meal better! :) I love! It also came with Miso Soup with Tofu. 

Also! They serve the chili paste separately and I really consumed half this thing. And it was heaven! It's not that spicy though but nevertheless good. 

They also serve pineapple at the end of each meal. Sweet pineapples they are. Like, always. 

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