Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A comparison.


Let me just make it clear that I am in NO way degrading one country or another. I love them both. It's just that there are really some things which I can't tolerate. 

As you probably don't know (how would you know?), I am half Jap - half Fil so I have all the rights to brag and say whatever I want to say. Or maybe not. Maybe I just have all the rights because it's my blog. HA! DOUBLE THE PRICE. I actually don't now where to start this analysis. MESSY ANALYSIS. LET'S START WITH SOMETHING THAT WE CAN'T CHANGE. 


In 270 degrees of the circle, Japan's weather is WAY TOO BETTER than in the Philippines. And Philippine weather is 270 degrees worst. Although Japan's summer is generally worst than the Philippines. Oh! Not quite. The night is still somehow tolerable whereas in the Philippines, it's a war between the person and the electric bill (AIRCON MANIA). But I'd still give the summer credit to the Philippines because at least we have wonderful beaches, resorts and all that summer stuff. 


Japan's transportation is lame. You really need a car to go somewhere specific. Even though trains and buses are almost everywhere, unless you ride a cab, it's not always convenient. I mean, it's really convenient but in the Philippines, there are tricycles, sidecars, trains, cabs, buses, jeepneys and all that stuff.  Well, Japanese people don't mind walking a little bit so I think that's also good. I always have to walk for like 15 minutes when going to the nearest bus stop in Japan. IN AN UPHILL MANNER! WTF? 

ALTHOUGH! GENERALLY, drivers of Jeepneys, buses, tricycles and sidecars here in the Philippines are just as annoying! I mean, they literally are annoying. They don't have the sense of anything necessary. They just drop-off passengers wherever/whenever and it's just so annoying. In Japan, you have to adjust to the time when the bus or train is coming. In the Philippines, it's your call. 

Well, that might be an advantage if you're in the Philippines and you're sort of a minute late. At least you have an assurance that there will be another lift and stuff. In Japan, you have to wait for the next lift which will take you about 30 minutes - 1 hour. 

In the Philippines however, it's not an assurance that you'll get to your destination as quick as you think. I am a commuter and what annoys me the most is when JEEPNEY DRIVERS LOAD THEIR GAS TANKS WHEN I AM ALREADY 5 MINUTES LATE ON MY FIRST MORNING CLASS. Like, seriously? AND IT'S STILL HAPPENING. Sad story. 

I also don't like it when in the Philippines, you have to shout "para" when you want to go down and the hard part there is that it's either the music is too loud or it's just too loud in general. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BIG VOICE! NOTHING COMPARED TO THE "ALERT BUTTON" installed in Japanese buses. It's an alert button to notify the driver that you will be going down to the next station. How convenient is that? 

The way of payment is also different. Like, in Jeepneys, you have to actually pass it to the next passenger so that he/she will pass it to the next passenger until it reaches the driver. 


I know it's not right to talk about people because people would always be different. ALWAYS. So let's just talk about some things related. In Japan, when you talk to someone, it's acceptable. In the Philippines, it's awkward. You'll probably be mistaken as a terrorist, kidnapper, hold-upper and everything. Then we say that we are hospitable? IRONY.


I hate that in the Philippines, despite having a complete agency for the maintenance of waste and all that, it's TERRIBLE. AWFUL. Although I'd really like to commend some parts of Makati and Taguig for being clean. Somehow. And some parts of everywhere actually. It's just not so consistent and people literally LITTER. What's wrong with you guys? In Japan, you can't just throw anything that you're eating or drinking anywhere you finished it. DISCIPLINE MY FRIEND. DISCIPLINE. There are loads of garbage places in where you can throw your rubbish and you can only throw them when they are due. Usually, 3 times a week. Plus an additional day for papers/cans.

That's all what I have for you now. I hope this post doesn't offend you in any way. But if it does, I don't really care. Sorry.

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