Monday, 26 March 2012

Shinagawa Aquarium. A look back.

Sometime in 2008:

Shinagawa Aquarium is situated somewhere in Tokyo. I can’t remember where exactly. Well, I didn’t know really. Just like any other aquarium in Japan but smaller. At least for me. I still think Kamogawa Sea World is the best aquarium ever. But hey! Not bad for an aquarium.

Basically no flash pictures allowed. It might scare the fishes. :| That’s a rough translation but it’s always handy.  Whatever. I know you're not that silly to understand that sign over there.

For some reason, I only remember seeing jelly fishes. Is this a jelly fish farm or something?  Is it just me or what?

There are like all sorts of them here. Why though?

Here are the fishes bishes! JUST KIDDING.

There's also a free of charge HAND-SPA that my sister and I enjoyed. How long can you avail of this? I say it depends on your conscience. I love how they have that little spa over there. Also, some sort of an interaction that both kids and kids at heart can enjoy. Don't you think so?

Is this thing smiling or what? LOL. I actually didn't include this before but when I tried updating some posts, I finally decided to include this. I don't know how irrelevant but that some sort of pink that you see looks like the apple of its cheec to me. Never mind LOL.

They also have this dolphin show going on so definitely check out the time of the shows. It's in the back of the map that you should be carrying the whole tour inside. 


So yeah. Check it out! :)

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