Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Danke or Thank You in German is what I want this post to be known as. I don't know why and I wouldn't actually enumerate those in this post but I JUST WANNA. I feel like it.
I got this shirt from my mom as one of the presents for my Birthday :) I love myself. Yup! Oh and I saw my high school friend on our way there and I actually showed her my shirt and we just laughed at it. It was nice to see her. I have to catch-up with my high school buddies soon!

On a more serious note, I swear I just have to let this go. The guy in front of me was wearing a shirt with somehow a naked woman at the back of his shirt. I was like, wow! Does he really know where he's going?There were KIDS inside the church and he was with his family at the first place. DUH. There were a lot of things I noticed inside the church but okay I won't mention it na. BECAUSE I SHOULD BE CONCENTRATING ON THE MASS. Not the people. But sometimes I can't. I just feel like people don't know its worth any more. 

Moving on. So after the mass, we planned to go to Infinitea to chill and all that but since it's relatively new to that place, it's super crowded and we didn't want to wait so I was like, let's just go upstairs and find another shop. 
And then we went to Baresso. My best friend and I actually used to go there as high school students because the Barista looks like Mark Herras. Ha! High school kids! Haha. Too bad he's not working there anymore. Anyways! :D 
We both ordered something Mocha based because we just had coffee and chocolate earlier that time. So yeah. What can I say? I actually don't remember how their stuff used to taste like. I mean, way back high school but yeah I don't know how I feel about their stuff  now. I think that the flavor was too strong and somehow the drink itself was too sweet but their place is kind of cool. I just thought that I didn't get what I paid for. Their meals are quite affordable but their drinks are kind of expensive. Will definitely go back and try other stuff from there. That's all! :)

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