Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Internship Tidbits. Random Ramblings.

I don't actually cry easily. Except when Sirius Black died. OMG my feelings! Anyways, I just want to share these crying experiences during our internship program because I want to let these things go now and I don't want to go on with my life with a heavy heart or something like that. I should have entitled this WHY I CRIED but that's just...I don't know. 

This is the first time I cried. During my first internship, it was my first time in a certain laboratory post so even though I learned the theoretical stuff at school, I really don't know if I can touch anything there and do whatever I want to do, or what. I was with a post mate that time and we weren't oriented on what to do so we just stayed there. The staff there usually comes at around 9 and our duty starts at 7 so we were just sitting there and all that. Talking and stuff. When the laboratory receptionist brought a specimen, naturally, we didn't know whether we could do that because we weren't oriented. So I asked. I asked a staff and he told us that it's not on his line of expertise and that we should just wait for our staff to come. Okay. When the staff came, she was hysterical already. Like, we didn't do this, and that, where's this blood, where's that blood, etc, etc. And my postmate and I were like looking at each other because we were surprised by her reaction. Well, of course. I just thought that's inappropriate because I would definitely understand if she acted that way on our second day. Or even hours before we were oriented. But that's like our first day. I didn't cry like, cry. I was just teary eyed because I got scolded on things that are out of my control. Like, really woman? But that afternoon she called us and said sorry and admitted that it was her fault and all that. Of course it is your fault. Like, we didn't know already. But it was way before pa so wala na yun. 

The second time was during my second internship. It was supposed to be my off day because I would be having my 24 hour shift 2 days after that day but since I was absent because of thesis, I had to make-up for that absence and because I have no choice, I sacrificed that off day and went to the hospital for my make-up duty. I was with my night duty groupmate that time and she came earlier than I did so she did warn me about that (what's gonna happen next). So cautiously, I logged in my time and greeted the staff there. And boom! The staff was calm but for some reason, I was kind of emotional because I did thesis and slept late and all that and then what? I would hear all those stuff? Basically, she just told me that I should have informed her that I would have a make-up duty on her post because she don't accept a lot of make-uppers which in our case, there's two of us. The staff also told me that I should have had my make-up the day before that incident because her interns were absent and I told her that it wouldn't be possible because I was in Clinical Chemistry having my make-up duty as well. Well, the two of us already scheduled our make-up duty 2 MONTHS BEFORE that incident and she would tell us that we should have informed her? I was thinking I should just go home and all that but then the head staff on that post told us that we could just go to a sub-branch of that post and do our make-up duty there. Phew. The head staff said that she tried to look for us two to inform us that we should inform the staff that we would make-up that day but I guess it was our uni day so whatever. She said it was her fault and so yeah. Oh well. 

But it's all over now. There's no other way than to move forward and learn from mistakes that we have made in the past. I am happy that I'm done with internship but it's kind of nice to look back things and to reflect. At least I know better now. 

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