Thursday, 21 March 2013

Soar High!

Yesterday, I witnessed my cousin's and sister's elementary graduation. It's still a long way run for them but it's a good start. They're still gonna have a lot of things to go thru. High school drama would probably overwhelm them but I know they're equipped with the things they need to kind of get thru that. High school drama is not just the only thing to prepare for of course. Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Trigonometry, and Physics! Good luck! I miss high school really. 

The event started with a mass. Baccalaureate Mass. The homily was great. I hope they kids listened though. Oh can I just say that I missed UST's and I hate to say this but I really regret it. Look at the photo below. I bet it was magical. 

Oh well. Things happen, At least I have this picture to keep. Even though it's not mine. LOL. Oh I also missed the infamous ARC OF THE CENTURIES EXIT which is like, a tradition but don't you worry, I'm gonna have my own version of that walk some other time soon. 

So that happened. Love that we had our desert first. I love my mom. So that's it. Congratulations, girls! I can't wait to see you graduate high school. And eventually, college. 

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