Friday, 22 March 2013

Annoying Speech.

Election here in the Philippines is just around the corner. It means, things are already getting annoying. I'm not a fan of politics. Thank you to my second year Filipino teacher way back in high school who supported me with this. In my opinion, it's not like choosing to turn off the lights for an hour to save the Earth. By doing that, you're certain that you did something right. There's no backfire. In politics, you choose someone, that someone messed up, your fault (partly) because not everyone wanted that someone to be in position. The point is, I don't really care if I don't vote or whatever because I don't really care. And because I don't vote, I wouldn't complain (much) about things related to politics or things like that.

Except this.

This happened very near our house so I was able to hear what the speakers were saying and all that crap. So basically, this politician who's running for a position in the congress was like mentioning her accomplishments and all that which I have nothing against. I mean, if you really were able to accomplish things like that, go on! Because it's related to whatever you still want to do in your future term. Just in case. And then she was like, I left politics because of the greater responsibility instilled in me by God and that's to be a mother to my children. I agree! I mean, that's a good thing to do. And then! She was like, my eldest was this age (can't remember) when I left politics and now, she/he's already a practising lawyer and stuff. And she was like, she/he graduated from U.P. Diliman and all that shizz and then she went on and said basically the same thing to her other children. And I was like, she could have just generalized her children but then she was like, bragging, telling the people her children are consistent honor students, and whatever. And I was like, woman! Are you gonna be a mother to this people? If yes, then what you bragged about would be relevant but no! So why tell them? Building rapport? I feel bad for her children because her mother just took off their individuality and make it look like it's her who made them where they are right now. Which is true! But they're the one who studied their arse out to become a dean's listers not their mother. What their mother did is to actually pay for their tuition fee. I don't know. I would actually appreciate it if she did mention how proud she is that her children worked hard and studied hard and everything but nah. She took all the credits. In my humble opinion.

Just when I thought everything's done, our Barangay People was like telling everyone to listen to the speaker because it's for them and that they should be interested and all that and basically just trying to brainwash the people and telling them how great the next speaker would be. On how they talked to the next speaker and that he promised to put doctors and nurses in our health center. On how there would be a better this and that. Sick. And oh he was like, you should listen to the speaker because he was from this pa, and he would make time for all of you and stuff. WTH. And then he was like, don't just be here for the prices because if this candidate made it, there would be a better price for all of us thru his service. Yeah right. Tell me more about it. And they were telling how close this candidate is to the President of the Philippines and so we would have a better shot. I didn't know that's how things work in the palace. I didn't know you have to be close to the President to get things done. Wow.

At the end, they gave away 500 pesos to I think 5 winners and all that. I don't really care but I think the people deserved that token for listening to a lot of bull.

Oh well. That's all I have to say.

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