Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Giving Thanks to 2013

Twenty thirteen have been a big blessing for me. For real. I just want to start the year by looking back at the things I have accomplished sort of last year. Literally. LOL.

January - Even though I didn't celebrate it, my Blog turned 1 this month. Yay for me! 

February - I turned 21 years old and these two lovely people surprised me with their little hidden agenda and it was a fun day at the hospital. Also celebrated it at home but I can't remember much from it. This also marked the end of my internship which was so educational and sometimes emotional but whatever LOL. 

 March- First week of March ended our sufferings. I'm talking about  Thesis. It was such a good learning experience though. And then university life ended unofficially and this month was the last time I was ever called a student. Quite emotional. 

April - I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas and I couldn't be any happier to be able to be called a Thomasian Alumni. It's an honor. And I thank UST for teaching me things I know. I will always come back to you. 

May - I celebrated Mother's day with two of the most awesome mothers I know. And I voted for the first time! It was tense! 

June - Review class for the board examination started and this month also opened a lot of doors and windows for learning new things and meeting people from literally around the country. My mom also celebrated her birthday at a resort called White Corals and the sunset there is to die for!! 

July - This month just heightened the stress of the review even more. But my cousin and I went to a debut party with some of our childhood friends and it was oh-awesome!

August - At the end of this month, I took the first of the two day exam for all inspiring medical technologists to be registered and I remember being so nervouse because I wasn't sure if I did good or if I am good enough for that matter.

September - I took the last tests and this month, I was a certified Medical Technologist and I can't even. I also got my first proper job as a Medical Tehnologist and this is also the first time I affixed my signature for something I have done professionally. It was priceless. I also made the decision to chop off more than 6 inches of my hair and it was liberating. 

October - I was just enjoying work and trying to do what I have to do. 

November - I watched the Hunger Games with my sisters and it was awesome spending time with the not so little ones anymore. It's just nice playing catch up sort of and I think it was the first time I treated them. It was nice. 

December - I went out with my co-worker for the first time and we had fun. I also went to UST to check the fairy lights and thankfully had a freaking free concert. Also, the rainy Paskuhan happened! I also attended the annual Christmas Party of my favorite band. It was quite an eventful December. I'm really thankful for that. 

A lot of eventful things happened but basically these are the highlight of my 2013. I can't wait to ride the waves of 2014 and probably be closer where I really want to be. If that even makes sense. I strongly suggest you guys reflect the way I did and yeah it was a therapeutic reflection and it really makes you think and thank. See yah! 

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