Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Frozen is Lurve

Have you guys seen the movie Frozen? I highly recommend you watch it! It's really good!! I mean, if I would describe my life in one movie, this would be it. I'm nowhere queen or any of that stuff but you know I think it resembles my life at some point.

If you haven't seen it yet, it's something you would appreciate watching with your sister/s or sibling/s for that matter. Or like your daughters. Because finally! It teaches young girls that they should be aware that before anyone, family comes first. This is why I liked the movie Brave as well. I liked it because it's about family. And not about Princes. Don't get me wrong though because I love princes as well but they're just not my favorite. 

I really liked Anna. She's way too gullible but her personality is actually like my sister Mika. Although Anna is not someone I associate myself with a lot. I know I play the Elsa in my family but you know, I think I'm not as cold as her at least. Whew! My favorite part is the part when Anna was singing "do you want to build a snowman" numerous times whilst she was shown growing up. It teaches people that one should never ever give up!! Especially with family. Even though Elsa told her to go away, she still came back!

Olaf the snowman teaches people that sometimes there are people worth sacrificing for. Clearly, the snowman doesn't know beforehand that with heat, he would melt! But then he still insisted and lit the fire so that Anna would be well and not die. When Anna told him that he would melt, he said that line. Good job, Disney!

Elsa teaches people that even though you try your best to conceal it, your true self is what will make you happy! Like she was before she hit Anna. Anyway. The best thing Elsa did in the movie for me is when she built the castle and all that magical stuff and who knew she can do wardrobe too? It's like magic really. I love how she made all of that things. So yeah that's basically what I think about the movie. I think I did a good job on not spoiling the movie. What do you think about the movie?

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