Friday, 17 January 2014

Keeping Up w/ My Resolutions!

Hola guys I just want to check in with you regarding my resolutions. Not that you care or something but you know I just want to share anyway. I have shared with you my resolutions not so long ago and I hate to break the news for us all but it's not happening. 

Like, for the record, I have been late for I think 4 times out of 14 now. But the good news is none of those lates exceeded  2 minutes past my actual call time but nevertheless late. I'll try my best not to be late from now on. Here we go again! Another promise to myself that I know I will unintentionally break. Or is it unintentional when I just am too lazy to function every morning?  No emergency. Just lazy. Verdict?

The water thing kind of failed too. It just proves my point that I'm not really a water person. Like sometimes I would drink too much when I remember but when times like I don't feel like it, I won't. I need motivation! I should buy myself a beautiful tumbler and put some lemons and some other beautiful stuff in it. 

I can also recall sleeping straight multiple times instead of doing my routine which sucks because if I just knowingly lay in bed and sleep. I know that I'm breaking my rule and I don't want to break it but I just can't get up and do my routine. Lazy ass. 

You know this is why I don't make resolutions. I kind of anticipate that I would fail so if I fail, it's easier to accept. And I don't really feel sad about it. I remember when I was in high school and this probably applies to most high schoolers yeah I remember saying I WOULD STUDY MORE at the top of my lungs but then when it's already exam time, I would just go back to procrastinating and stuff. It's a sad tale of my high school self. Not to brag but I'm pretty smart during my high school years. So back then, I was like, I don't care. I would do fine and stuff. I guess it's something that affected my college performance. 

As if I haven't done a lot of damage yet, I want to include one more! And that's to stop picking on my pimples. Like, I want to leave them alone and not pick on them. Because I noticed that when they get flaky, I would just peal them off and in return, it would be like a reddish mess and will later on turn in to a discolored scar so I have to put a stop to that. Oh mind you I break out (as in break out) once a year and sadly, that's how the year started for me. So at this time of the year, I have to have a lot of courage and you know let them heal on its own. But as of this writing, I have paused and too bad this resolution already failed. Too bad.Oh well. Bravo! Well that's really about my update guys. See yah!

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  1. Totally can relate to you, im failing too with my resolutions but still, we have a long way to go :)


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