Sunday, 19 January 2014

Donated a Gallon of Blood!

Recently, I really wanted to donate blood and so I did. And also! Since I have been telling my cousin about this blood donation thing and since she seems intrigued, I asked her to tag along as well and so we allotted January as the time we would donate.

I tried to contact the Red Cross near us and asked and like after so many answers like "we don't have a physician that day", "we don't bleed without a doctor", and "there's no scheduled bleeding that day" we got something like "there's a blood letting happening at Victory Mall" and so yeah we grabbed the opportunity. So the following day, after duty, cousin fetched me off work and we hurried to that mall. And hooray!

Oh can I just say that I'm so proud of my cousin! I hope she would continuously donate blood even when I'm out of the country already. It's just a wonderful feeling to donate. It's self fulfilling. 

Yes!! Like, I'm so happy. I have set a rule that I should have donated a total of 3 gallons before I get a tattoo and this is a good start I think. I have donated three 450 cc bags and that means I have already donated 1 gallon plus! I know I didn't donate as regular as I should have but whatever. It's just that when I started donating blood (2010), I can't seem to find a time to donate blood probably because I was lazy to find a blood letting station or whatever but Red Cross actually do come back to my school regularly but I didn't seem to bump across them there until my second blood donation in 2012. That's about it guys! I hope I can donate before I go to Japan but if I can't, then I'll find a way to donate regularly whilst in Japan and maybe get a tattoo when I get back here in the Philippines. That's all!


  1. wow, i would love to donate some of my blood too, but isnt it scary?


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