Monday, 6 January 2014

Pagpag | Movie Review

I watched the movie with my sister and cousin and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. I definitely liked it better than Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy. 

The movie is less predictable and it was kind of scary actually. Thrilling. Kind of. I don't recall the sequence of events but it's a well constructed story frame and you'll get the story either way. Or at least I did. It was kind of kilig as well. I mean, as much as I don't ship these two lovely kids, I think they actually look good together. 

Before the story was shown, they have said in their interviews that this movie is a complete package movie of some sort and I approve. It's kind of funny, kind of scary, and kind of a dramatic movie. So it's a 'kind of' movie. Not all out but still. Just in case you're curious, I will list down all the things that you 'have' to avoid when you're in a wake. AKA biggest spoiler ever.

1. Do not wear a red dress or else you would see your ex boyfriend hanging in your room. And your picture together would shatter into pieces and you will die.

2. Do not cry or shed tears on the casket or else a monstrous creature would choke you and throw you to the pool. And you will die.

3. Do not wipe the tears on the casket or else the shower would fall off your face and you'll bleed to death.

4. Do not use a mirror or else you'll fall from the stairs and get hit by a chandelier.And die.

5. Do not steal food or bring home food from the wake or else you'll get hit by a truck. And die.

6. Do not swipe the floor or else you'll be hanging dead. 

7. Do not get any money from the wake or else your car window would go up when you're trying to escape from it. And your neck would be its target. So sad. 

8. Do not reveal that the dead person is somehow a demon or else you'll be buried alive. 

That's all I have learned from the movie. It's nice, I recommend it. But is it really true? I mean, this movie has its basis but is these sayings really true? Old people say that after leaving a wake, you shouldn't go straight home because you would welcome the dead's spirit in. They say you should do the "pagpag" or go somewhere first before you go home. That's most people say. I don't really know. 

Also a side note as this is the last MMFF film that I would watch and people actually say that the MMFF films today are just full of crap, endorsements, and stuff and this film is no exception. Although very minimal. Like, seriously? Who would use KakaoTalk to contact their friends at times like someone's already dying or already died and stuff? But I would forgive it because I like KakaoTalk. Meh. See yah!! :) 

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