Monday, 30 June 2014

Semi-"Matsumoto Jun" Story

You know, I always doubted that Jun kun is Japanese. If you would remember, well, I guess way back 2009-ish, he was given a role as a half Filipino in a series called SMILE. To be honest though, he really doesn't look like a Japanese to me. He looks complicated. I have some conclusion. To my story now. I'll tell you something about Matsumoto Jun. Well not really the real one tho. I have a work mate that looks like Matsumoto Jun and I'm not even playing with y'all. When I first saw him, I was like, WTH? It's that kind of level. I can't stop comparing him to Jun kun and you know what? I therefore conclude that he looks way better than Matsumoto Jun. Like, the real one kinda looks petite and fragile but this one is really mascular. His shoulders though! And his eyebrows are really 囲い! Anyways, I kept that to myself for a while.

I told one of my kind of closest work mate and told him that the guy is cute and stuff and she doesn't know who I was talking about but was teasing me saying I like Nepali guys anyways and I should ask her to introduce me to that guy. Few weeks later, I think she figured it out herself and suddenly called that Nepali guy when we were working and I was like giving her that "DON'T YOU DARE TELL" look and she was like, "IT WON'T BE ABOUT YOU" and of course you just can't trust anything when people are talking in their own language. I then heard the word "girlfriend" and then after they finish talking, my friend said that the guy doesn't have a girlfriend. Lucky!! It's not that there's a chance for me though but you know, it's always a plus to fan-girl over someone who's single. ALWAYS! Anyways, that was last week. Read along!

Awhile ago, 06/29/14, I remember my partner at work said that she's friends with that guy and so I asked her again. She said, "not really" this time. Make up your mind girl! I then said that the guy is handsome. Biggest mistake everrr! She called the guy right away and she said something in their language and then she was like grinning. I then knew she said it to the guy! And I was like, the heck did I do to you girl to deserve this? LOL. And then she was like "handsome handsome ne" whilst grinning and maybe thinking of something more evil to do. And I was like, don't talk to me bitch! Hahaha. So I guess it's not obvious to the guy that I like him since a friend asked him in front of me if he has a girlfriend and then this girl said I said he's handsome so now what? I actually pretended nothing happened after that. I'll just pretend I don't know anything as per usual.  But bitches!! YOU DON'T DO THAT TO ME!! Hahaha. That's all I have to share. See yah!

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