Monday, 23 June 2014

The Rant Club

You don't have an idea how I want to change my blog's name to something relevant to being pissed all the time. But nah I'm not turning this blog to a rant blog. Just tempted. Anyways another entry for y'all. 

So as I was in a hurry to go home because the bus would always be full at 6 am, right? Then it happened. The driver said "last two person" and we were like 10 remaining. Great! And I was like joking around and blocking the person in front of me but she was able to go in of course. I was not even second so I know I wouldn't be able to go in. Anyways. What pissed me off is the TAXI INCIDENT.

The driver told us to go up and talk to the people at the office so that they could give us the tickets for taxi and then two of us did. One Nepali and I. I don't know why the rest didn't go though. So yeah that happened. When we went up, they were questioning why the rest didn't go up and demanded we call them and that they wouldn't call the taxi if the rest wouldn't go up. Sounds about right. I think. The person who went up with me tried to called a friend who's downstairs but that person's not picking up so I volunteered to go down instead and call them up. Also, she really wanted to go the bathroom and so I let her. But then I didn't know that the office person went down with me with the tickets. WTF!! He said he only got two tickets with him and that he'll request for another one. I then called the person I went up with and asked her to go down then informed that someone that the person I went up with tried to call her like five times. Anyways. She (tried to contact) got hold of a ticket and the other ticket went to someone else. She then grouped me to be in a taxi with her. So it was me, a Japanese, her, and the person I went up with. Settled. We waited for the taxi and then the first came after 20-ish minutes and then we decided to go first but guess what? People who are not even part of the settled group went rushing in. The person who went up with me and the person holding the ticket were able to go in though. I was like, what just happened? The person holding the ticket was apologizing to me and since it's not really her fault, it's really okay so I said okay. Ang lakas maka The Fault in our Stars diba? LOL.

Then the second taxi came and since I don't really know whether they already settled their group or not, I let them go. The Japanese went up to get the ticket they promised but I think the office demanded that we all go up again and it would have been better if the taxi division would be like 4-3-3 so yeah it ended up being two full taxis and two remaining with no remaining taxi ticket. We just then decided to wait for the 7a.m. bus. Sucks!

What I want to rant about is the fact that even though I was the one who went up, I wasn't able to get a ticket so how so evil of these people to go ahead and ride earlier than I did, right? It's just so frustrating how thick skinned can people get sometimes. I think a normal person would feel shy at least but no. The nerves! I hate dealing with people like that. Like, seriously. GTFO. Ano ako tagakuha niyo ng ticket? The end of rant. 

On a lighter note, I took some photos at the park nearby. It's completely washed out but the background is actually my work place.

Took random photos because I got nothing better to do anyways.

I particularly liked the sky. I don't know why. I mean, as always.

I enjoyed sitting and relaxing though. I think there's still a reason for me missing the bus and taxis. To relax a little bit.

Completely from the other day when the sky looks so scary as if it just wants to drop us all dead. You probably can't see. Anyways, see yah!


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