Monday, 30 September 2013

Puppies Updates.

I know I told you guys that there's only two of Hashi's puppies left and they're the most adorable thing ever!! Like, they're so much like their mother and they're so cute! I can't even! Sadly though, mom told us that we're only gonna keep one of them. So sad. Can I just say that the Queen Bee, Hashi and Hanah's mother would actually go inside their bath tubs and lick the pups sometimes even. She lost her pups not so long ago she probably thought that its her puppies. Heartbreaking.

Hanah also gave birth to two puppies like 2 days after Hashi gave birth to her 5 pups but sadly, none of Hanah's pups made it. I don't know but for some reason, she can't really take care of the baby. I know it's an insult because she's not like those mother that leaves the puppies unattended and stuff but for some reason, Hanah would stay with them but she would like act like digging something and therefore would somehow kick her puppies so yeah. Her puppies made it somehow but not for too long. This is actually the longest any of her puppies lived. Hopefully next time, they would make it all through out! 

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