Sunday, 6 October 2013

Share Your Blessings

Hello guys! I just want to share what happened yesterday. Because I think it's worth sharing (everything is for me anyway) and so yeah this is how it went. The game plan is to go to the Professional Regulation Commission and to get tickets for the Mass Oath Taking and then go to the University of Santo Tomas to get my Alumni Card. 

When I was still a reviewee, I tried something from this restaurant with my co-intern/co-reviewee and I kind of liked it so I endorsed it to my cousin. What you see above is what I ordered. Which I kind of regret because I don't know I think everything is just kind of mismatched. It's Seafood Sisig but then I think they could do better with the freshness of the ingredients. I loved their Tea though. Oh for some reason, they don't have the food I want. It already happened twice but anyways. 

Posting this to show you guys how poor my cousin's iPhone photography skill is. LOL just kidding. She said she'll do better next time.

This is the ticket I got from PRC. Can I just say that I really find it expensive. The ticket is like 1k each and I just can't help but remember my Graduation Ball held at Diamond Hotel for like 1200 Php I guess? So I better get the same service and the same food! :)) I heard quite a lot of bad things about the food but I 'll be kind and try to appreciate everything and I'll blog about it soon.

I present to you my Alumni Card which is kind of a long time coming item because this is what happened. Cards should have been out by July 1st but then they said they have problems with their machine so they delayed it and said it would be out by the end of the month and then I checked and they said the cards wouldn't be out until the end of August. So yeah that happened. Can't really complain about it since I think they did their best at some point.

Can I just say that this is like a proud moment 101 when I saw my friend's Kim banner. I kind of saw this already on my other friend's Facebook post but like seeing it in real life kind of makes me prouder. Oh the reason why entitled this Share You Blessings is that I happened to receive my first paycheck and that kind of slipped away just like that. Oh wells. Irrelevant actually. 

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