Sunday, 6 October 2013

Roar for the Win!

I have three friends with this as their profile picture on Facebook so I guess it's a thing right now. 

These pictures I took when I get to get my Alumni Card. I was like kind of amazed that I was seeing the players one by one and that they were all going up and stuff so after I got my card, I asked the guard's permission for me and my cousin to go up and so yeah. That happened.

When I saw them that time, they were like warming up and coach Pido was like picking on the Chinese players and he was telling Jeric Teng to talk to Lao, Pe, and Lo. And he was like talking to them in Chinese (ALIEN) words. 

I wasn't able to watch the guys play as in play but yeah hopefully I would be able to watch them deliver on their next and last game this season. It's just nice that we were able to move this far this season. Like imagine how many teams we were able to knock down and still, here we are! Staying strong and roaring! I believe that whatever happens, I would always be proud that I am a Tiger! (cue Roar by Katy Perry) and I wouldn't have it in any other way. Vamos! Tigres! Ganaremos!

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