Monday, 7 October 2013

Dream About Paris

10/05/2013 - I dreamt I went to Paris with my cousin and sister. It looks fake in the dream though but will tell you guys anyway. So I was with my cousin and I don't really know where we're heading but then after some time, with people who were coming down from the stairs, I realized we're in Paris and will go up the Eiffel Tower. Weird because I can see my neighbors going down the stairs and it's like normal stairs and not the stairs the Tower actually has.

And then we realized we have passes but then in my dream, you still have to have an electronic card for some reason and then you can use the card for like ever and then when I saw my childhood friend's brother go down, he very kindly gave me two electronic cards. So that would mean we could go up now. But then what did we decide to do? Eat! I remember taking pictures from the ground and you know how I know it's fake? Because the Tower that I saw is between two tall buildings! Like, what?

I remember taking photos of this one and I made sure to take a lot because it's Paris and I don't know when I can come back and stuff and yeah. I was even thinking that I were in Vegas that time but then I was like, NO! Paris, PARIS, PARIS! LOL.

So we entered a mall and decided to eat and my cousin even have the guts to shop for candies! So I remember having Shaved Ice and then I saw my sister enter the mall and eat. And then I asked if she have the electronic card but I can't remember her answer. And then when we were about to go out, I woke up. I'm subconsciously blaming my cousin's candy shopping that we were not able to go up the tower. 


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    1. Me too! :( But one day we will all have a blog post about Paris.

  2. Paris? MY DREAM CITY! Sadly I can visit it in my dreams only, I have no passport :(

  3. I'm sure one day you'll have one and will get to travel too! :)


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