Friday, 11 October 2013

Empties and Final Thoughts 1

Bonjour guys! You know, I'm the type of person who generally doesn't use up a product to its last drop a lot because for some reason, when running low, products just disappear to me. But miraculously,  I was able to use these babies up and yeah I would like to start a segment called, "Empties and Final Thoughts". Don't expect too much from this segment though. They may only come once in a blue moon.

1. Victoria's Secret Romantic Wish

I like this. Like, I like how mild it smells and not like Love Spell that I don't really understand why people like it and stuff so yeah. Don't get mad! I know it's probably just me. I have been using this since I was still in Japan and lasted me this long. I think it would even last for like another week for me. Because I don't use it often and stuff like that. I don't know if I would repurchase this though. I think I want to use up all my body sprays/perfumes/colognes before I purchase a new one and like hopefully something I would wear forever.

2. Pond's Facial Wash

I don't know if I told you guys about this but I feel kind of have a love and hate relationship with Pond's products because it breaks me out and  I don't know like it reacts with my skin in a weird way. But I somehow like it because it makes me feel like my skin is clean and it just makes it look bright for a second. And then breaks me out. Ugh life. But yeah this one I feel kind of not breaks me out as much as the other products but I won't repurchase this as well. 

3. Eskinol Original Toner

I like using this because it just makes my skin cleaner in my opinion. Like you can see the dirt off your face and into the cotton so it makes sense. I use this stuff like two to three times a day. No regrets. I figured that this is the only variant that works and the rest, meh! Breaks me out. Especially the gritty one! That's just no-no for me. And the rest kind of makes me oily. Especially the papaya one. 

4. Toothpastes! 

Nothing too exciting to share actually. My mom buys toothpastes too often and wants me to replace it right away but you know! I don't want to throw things right away as well so I keep them in the wash room all together. But now I'm like running zero.

5. Maybelline BB stick

I still can't decide whether I would repurchase this stick or find a new product that I would love. Because I think I got used to it already but at the same time, no. Kind of weird, yeah? From my previous review, I think the only thing I would like to add up is that it doesn't smell very nice. Like, it smells like a lot of things (chemicals) put together and yeah doesn't complement each other really. As of oiliness, I think my skin got used to it in a sense that I don't really get oily as much anymore. But anyways. That's just me? LOL. I think it also helped my skin clear out a little bit. 

6. Nivea Deodorant

I think this is nice. I don't really choose what to use or what not but amongst the one that I've used, this is so far my favorite. It's mild and just nice. 

7. That round thing.

Didn't really do much to my hair. But also, I think that it's generally just my hair not being nice. LOL. I wouldn't really repurchase this but would be glad to find something that works. Hopefully.

So that's my first empties post guys hopefully this would be followed by more in the future! And hopefully I would be able to help you decide what or what not to buy. That's all! Thanks.

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