Friday, 11 October 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 7

1. I have made my best and blog about this trip in two parts so please check that out. I so want to go back there with these people! Like, can I just have a break for a second? No? Why? Lol. Anyway, this shot is in the middle of nowhere and we just stopped by here on our way home and our couldn't be any better because you know, it's free and it's just nice. It's a perfect place to view the Taal Volcano and Taal Lake panoramically. 

2. This is when we had our haircut. It's insane because when I looked at my face on the screen, I just can't stop laughing at my new face. I don't know but there sure is something funny with my face that I can't help it but laugh at myself. I was probably a bit shocked slash weirdo.

3. This is when we were buying street BBQs. I love my cousin Yoshi. He's just full of expressions and just so alive almost all the time. He's always energetic and would make face in pictures and stuff like that. And yeah, he's just fantastic.

4. Celebration with family. When I passed the board examination, I celebrated with friends and my family. This one is at Kamay Kainan at Trinoma which I somehow don't recommend. My sister got a cut from their rusty sorbetes cart and like how can they not maintain the safety of that cart? Who knows if the ice cream container itself is also rusty? 

5. Chicken Charlie! I remember I treated my cousin on my second day of work because I love her like that. The food is not really worth its price in my opinion. I think I would go and choose Bon Chon over this. It's slightly more pricey but the quality is kind of the same. My cousin also told me that her chickens are kind of dry. But food is still food. :) 

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