Sunday, 13 October 2013

Trust no beetch

One thing I have learned in this life is to trust no bish. Trust only your family and probably five of your closest friends. Or maybe four depending on how many people you have been with and friends with since you were like 4. The rest of your friends you can trust but do not trust them with your life. Because at some point, you will be betrayed. It's a sad thing to live by but that's just reality and believe me, as much as it's a sad idea to live by, it will save you from a lot of heartaches in the future. At work, I only trust one person, and she entered there the same day as I did. I just think that we kind of think the same. Maybe because of our close age range, maybe because of our same educational attainment, or maybe other thing. But the point is, we kind of think the same. So yeah. The others wouldn't probably know that I don't trust them still any time soon but yeah, I somehow just don't yet. Hopefully they don't trust me as well so it would be mutual. And I won't feel bad. LOL. I mean not actually in a professional way because I trust them in a professional way because we at some point had the same lecture at school and stuff like that but what I don't trust them with is like my life as a person. Because I don't know them yet. Except of course that person I was talking about awhile ago. I just think that we click.

I won't even say that you trust someone you're romantically in love with. Unless you're married. Or actually not even. I know trust is important in any relationships but like I said, having a negative kind of thinking will hurt for a while but will somehow save you in a long way run. Just look at what happened to Miley Cyrus. Well, I know it's a case to case scenario with guys but like what other people say, always think of the WORST CASE SCENARIO so you can prepare better. But it's horrible, I get it.

Trust is something you earn and trust should only be given to those who you think worked hard for yours to give it. It's effed up a bit how this trust works but yeah. And remember! It's so fragile so be wise in giving it to people. Because it's horrible enough to not give trust to people but it's more horrible to not trust people anymore.

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