Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Voice Ph Winner Forecast

I think it's Team Lea's time this time. It's just that her representative rocked the floor in my opinion. Just to be fair, I'm gonna give you a rundown of what I thought of all of the performances. And since the hosts told everyone that everything's back to zero, good! Becauce I didn't really watch a lot of their performances . It just kind of looks different. I mean, the show.

Team APL's Janice

I think she did okay. I also think she had a little difficulty performing and singing her piece. It must have been the arrangement but yeah it didn't sound like a grand finals song. I don't know. It's just me. My grandma liked her performance though. 

Team Lea's Mitoy

I think it was brave of them to sing a song in Filipino and yeah it just worked his strength and even though it was kind of expected of him to rock it, it still turned out pretty amazing I think. So yeah. Very nice. 

Team Bamboo's Myk

I don't know how I feel about the performance. For me, he didn't make the song his own. And for me, it's just a wrong song for the event. I mean, it didn't give him the chance to prove his capabilities and stuff so yeah. He did sing it very nice though. It didn't hurt his existing chance but for me it didn't give him the edge to advance forward. 

Team Sarah's Kriselle

I really did expect more from her. It's just a disappointment. Because I know she could do better than what she did. I thought she would kill it! But then yeah it didn't turn out well at all. Like I think Miley Cyrus did better than her. And for me when you sing something for the grand finals, you should at least be a touch better than the original. But yeah. 

Well that's my opinion on the performers and I'm kind of glad that they kind of are incomparable with each other I mean they all have different styles so I guess it's just a matter of preference and hopefully they would all give the event justice.

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