Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Chill Sunday

This was last Sunday when my bestfriend, cousin, and I decided to attend the mass and have a little chit-chat about life. Like we always do. Last Sunday was a little different as well because we decided to visit a wake. One of the highschool teachers in our school passed away so we decided to view him before he's not physically with us anymore. It's sad because I was talking about my bestfriend on visiting him at the hospital but it all happened too fast. He was actually not my teacher but still. He was part of the school I was in so yeah. And then we decided to have coffee.

The same place my cousin and I visited before. It's actually because Infinitea's full of people again. 

And I don't know if I have told you this but my bestfriend and I used to regularly go to this place so it's like revisiting and reminiscing our highschool life.

Mine is in the middle and it's a Chocomint flavored one and one thing you have to know about me is I'm all about chocomints and this one didn't make the flavor any justice. My cousin enjoyed her drink I think because she finished first. My cousin ordered White Mocha and my bestfriend got Double Black Chocolate which she barely sipped into by the way. Weird girl. LOL. She gave away the drink to little kids on her way home I believe.

I couldn't say anything bad or good to the Nachos but uhm oh! A little bit overpriced. Just like the rest of the food on the menu. I don't really find the service in this place good at all because it's dang slow. This is how bad it is. Count the people in and then wait one by one until all their drinks are served. And then wish that the girl is making yours. The store needs two employees. Considering their overpriced drinks, the store needs two employees. That's all.

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