Sunday, 20 October 2013

Oath Taking for New Med Techs

Hola guys! I just want to share with you what happened awhile ago. Well awhile ago, the Oath Taking for Newly Registered Medical Technologist happened. I am pretty sure I showed you guys the tickets I bought last time. I feel kind of bad that I don't have a picture with my mom. Well except that one that was taken by a "professional" photographer well actually, maybe just camera. I have to have a rant by the way but I just want this blog post alone to be somehow full of good memories so I'll just skip that part for now. So basically I was confused whether or not to attend the ceremony but okay here's the thing, if you don't need your license as in physically yet, you can choose not to attend. Not really mandatory. But you have to take your pledge somewhere else. PRC.

The lady at the counter when I bought tickets told me that I have to be at the venue at 7 and I was there at 7. Luckily, I saw 3 other inductees before me so I was not feeling that bad at all. They opened the venue at around 8:30 and basically made us wait for like ever. I should have done my hair first instead of rushing straight to the venue so early in the morning.  Anyways.

gotta deal with messy hair
The first friend I saw was Fai. She was in the same review center as I and like not at all hard to be friends with so we get along quite well. It was awesome to see her.

Dea, myself, and Kim
I am so proud of my girls! These girls are my co-interns/post mates from my second internship and actually, Kim right there made it to the second rank. Good job Kim!

myself and Krizzuh
Also my co-intern since the beginning of internship and my post mate on my second in. Also, my fourth year classmate so we're pretty much together at those times and yeah, we had so much fun awhile ago like talking and catching up and somehow clapping randomly and stuff LOL. And also taking pictures! :D

Dela Cruz E.A., 2013

So the food. I was so ready to get disappointed. But actually, it's not THAT disappointing. I mean, it won't make you full but it's not totally rubbish at all. It's not that pleasing but it's quite okay. Some people from the upper batch said that the food is not like delicious and stuff but it's okay. Just don't expect much. I actually had two cups of coffee so I'm quite happy. 

Oh also! I have noticed that the venue's lighting is so poor that we got excited about the ladies room's lighting. Weird. LOL. I really wished they set up more lights there. It's just so inconvenient especially when reading the pledge and stuff.

myself, Jam, and Jay
That's all for this entry guys. I don't know what to feel about it. I'm quite happy that I attended but at the same time was so doubtful about the fee I paid. I could have bought 4 new mascaras or something but yeah. I just wish they would improve their program and stuff because honestly, people got bored and was just talking to each other and stuff and as much as I don't blame them, I kind of blame them for not coming up with a more interesting program. I don't know.

I actually went there for this. Because I want to have it already and since I have been practicing the profession without these on my hands, it's more of an obligation for me to attend and pledge and stuff so yeah. I had fun. 

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