Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Oath Taking Rant

Okay so this is the rant I was talking about earlier in my post. First of all, I don't really like the whole idea of it because it's all unorganized and so like unprofessional looking. 

Okay basically this is what happened. The first thing that happened was this. The lady pinned flowers on me and my mom well in fact, we're not fully aware of what's happening yet and what if we got pricked of that unsterilized pin? Med tech stuff. I won't actually mind the flowers if it's really needed but then NO! Not in the R.A. 5527 and so why are these people being annoying and just doing this thing? They charge 100 pesos each. They probably spent like 20 pesos making that thing and the maximum price I could accept that thing although still overpriced is 60 pesos. They should be banned or something. Because clearly, they're just taking advantage of the situation. 

Anyways. The next thing I found inconvenient is the waiting time. Can I just say that it took me like 5 minutes to get ready? I can certainly top that 5 minute YouTube make up challenge anyways and then we rushed to the venue. I don't blame the time because it's probably my fault that I wasn't able to get ready but it's their fault that they didn't open the venue on time. By the way the ticket said that the program starts at 9 am but then the lady at the counter told me I have to be there at 7 and yeah. Actually, the program didn't start at 9 as well. They were probably 30 minutes late. But the flower is what really pissed me off. 

Also, the pictures. I was informed that there would be an official photographer but I wasn't told it was required. So after this girl pinned flower to us, a gay guy spoke and asked me to sign this little paper that happened to be my claim slip and so I did. And them what? Charged me 500 pesos? I then told the guy that I wouldn't avail of the picture thing and just take pictures on my own and then he said "No ma'am. Kailangan po talaga." So I was like left with no choice but to pay him at that moment. And then you know what I found out? Some people wasn't forced to avail of the picture thing. So fvcked up. 

When I entered the venue, I got more disappointed. Because I was like what's happening here? It's air conditioned but the ambiance is like a covered court and then it's so cheap looking and yeah. Also, it's like so dim inside that I was actually confused whether they would switch on more lights at the beginning of the program but what they did is open an awkward light in front that did nothing.

And then the food. I told you I was ready to get disappointed but it was actually okay but the thing that really got me pissed was that they served the food at different times. Like my mom's table was served last despite our tables being in the mid section of the venue and like the tables at the back were already served so yeah and then on the table, they would serve 5/10 and then come back after like 10 minutes to serve the remaining 5. Which is unhealthy because we could see the rest of the people eating and then our food is not yet in front of us. Can you feel my pain? LOL. So yeah that's like the story of it.

I'm so disgusted that money is all that matters now. We barely get what our money's worth nowadays. And it's sad. That's the mini rant I have so yeah. Take care! :)

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