Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sisters from the Same Mother

Hola guys! So the other day, my sisters went to the laboratory and fetch me off work. Which is great! And then we decided to have some tea at INFINITEA. Which I was initially against because I really wanted and still want to try that Blueberry Donuts fron Dunkin but then again my sister Mika told me that she checked and the branch near our place doesn't have any stock or something so Infinitea indeed! 

I had Tiramisu which in fairness doesn't taste like Tiramisu except that it's somehow salty but okay I'll take it. Although I'm kind of still impressed with the taste because at least it's different. But still confused. Anyways. Mika got Cappuccino Caramel Macchiato which is like sooooo crazy sweet! It's delish but I don't know how someone can drink something that sweet. I haven't tried the glucose load we make our patients drink but I can imagine the sweetness of this Cappuccino drink and glucose load being comparable in sweetness. I think this drink would be perfect with like half the sweetness taken off. Which you could totally do by the way! Well next time! Anyways.

I'm not a fan of Strawberry Oreo but I also liked the Strawberry Oreo Frappe that my sister ordered. In all fairness, it taste like Strawberry Oreo with a little bit of magic to it. Hopefully we would all hang out a lot more like this. My sisters are already growing up and it's all happening too fast! I say we should enjoy the time and just be happy with each other's company. That's all! :)

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