Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dream Oh Dream

I had a weird dream again. And I don't know but I really think I should make a legit segment about my dreams. Because you know, they wouldn't stick to my memory for very long and as always, gonna drop it to my Pensieve. I'm a wizard like that. Anyways.

I dreamt of something Halloween-y. It's like I'm riding a jeepney with 4 other girls and then  4 guys tried to stop the Jeepney and stuff and then the driver didn't stop so I was like, I'm safe! And then we entered a narrow road and the the Jeepney stopped there and then alas! The four guys rode the jeepney. Not declaring anything harmful but for some reason, they got all of our bags. It's like someone on the top is getting all our gadgets and money and stuff and then they would return it secretly and yeah that's what happened well and then! I was able to stop them from digging into my bag by like pushing Timothy Delaghetto and getting my bag from him. And I was like, why the heck do I always dream of Timothy Delaghetto? 

Okay so I was saved. I told my mom about it, right? And then this guy kept on following us and I don't know what occurred to my brain because I transferred my phone to my bra. Which from my point of view was quite obvious because I don't have boobs okay? LOL.

The guy then called an army. And they were all babies. I was like, what's happening here? My sister Mika which I think was 7 in that dream came to the rescue and she was like throwing the babies away and even grilling them which ticked most babies away and yeah I think we were saved by that situation. I was actually just cheering her all through out but I don't recommend you do that in real life though. That's all about the dream. So random but I was afraid. Normally I could figure out whether I'm dreaming or not but this one is scary. Well Tim Delaghetto kind of gave it away but that one scary dude that called his army is what confused me. Anyways.

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