Saturday, 26 October 2013

Simple Joys

Not so long ago, my cousin turned 6. It was such a simple celebration but it was perfect. Sometimes simple things matter most. We went to Cavite to celebrate and below are the pictures that we took. :))

This is the oh so cute cake that my mom got for my cousin. As you can see from the picture above though, they kind of messed up with my cousin's name and placed "YASHI" instead and then my cousin pointed out their mistake and they kind of remedied nalang. Oh well. It's alright.

The pictures (above and below this text) are kind of a fail because I made an effort in like somehow squatting and then no one went behind me for us to fit in the frame. It's just that my grandma is literally behind the tall peeps so yeah. If only! If only!

I wish my little cousin all the happiness in life. I mean, he's probably too young to be problematic and all that. I think he's all good as for now but you know, it's actually tough to predict everything. Just rambling yeah? Yeah.

I like celebration like this. Like, even though it was such a simple celebration, we were together and happy. I still feel bad for those who weren't able to come and celebrate with us. Next time! :) 

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