Sunday, 27 October 2013

Thoughts on Pond's BB Cream

I wasn't actually going to buy Pond's because of a certain reaction it does to my skin but then again I was I think a little bit attracted to the packaging. Not the nicest packaging but somehow head-turning. And that's applicable only if you like pink. 

Having finished my other BB product, I'm not expecting much from this and what it promises. Right now I'm just holding on to the 'fact' that it has SPF. Which is always a good thing.

It promises to whiten the skin and stuff and luckily I'm already happy with my color but yeah. Hopefully it brightens up my dark spots because they're just so in love with me that they don't want to go away. Annoying much.

The formula is thick and it's fairly easy to apply and also easy to blend. I also like its scent. Like, it smells like your typical Pond's product but at this point, I'm just happy that it's not offensive like the BB Stick from Maybelline.

The coverage is so light though. I literally need two squeezes to see a difference on the coverage. As for the application on my face, I can see that it somehow evens out my skin tone which is like the thing I need most due to some acne discoloration and stuff but it does't really give a flawless finish or something but it's definitely better than having nothing on at all. Maybe with 3 to 4 layers, you'll be able to achieve a flawless canvass but I don't think I'd recommend that. Go with a foundation instead if your desire is to like cover up. If you're a fan of the saying "go big or go home" this product might not be for you. 

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