Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Japanese Drugstore Lippies

These are refills from the drugstore and for some reason, though I often buy these lipsticks as pasalubongs to my mom's friends (not my money), I haven't seen the actual packaging from these brands. And I actually don't care that much. I agree that these would be hard if you have like, millions of lipsticks and trying to determine which is which but if you're like me that actually doesn't have a lot, then I don't think it matters. 

I can't read what the color is on the left so you be the judge when I saw you the swatch of the actual color but on the left side, it's orange something. KANJI IS DIFFICULT.

I actually like the idea of refills because for several reasons, first of all, it's cheaper. That's actually all. LOL. I don't know but it's just more practical and yeah. I think most women in Japan finish their lipsticks so they could have like the original container and then put their new tube or something.

I have only used this from the two and I love it. It's not so opaque so it's perfect for me. I don't know if you can appreciate the shimmers but that too is awesome! :D I don't usually like shimmers because I can somehow feel it but this one is like just right and yeah. Perf! This lipstick is under the MOISTURE lipstick and I don't really know for sure because I put a moisturizer before applying but it goes on quite well when I swatched it but I don't know if that's actually just the same as when applying on the lips.

The shape of Chifure lipstick is actually quite interesting because instead of just having one side flat, two sides are flat. Meh. LOL. Really though. I think that's brilliant because if you're in a hurry, you wouldn't find the right side of the tube anymore or something. Just do it!

I really like the Cezanne one! But give the picture another look and you would see than the application of the Chifure is kind of thinner than that of Cezanne so I'm assuming that it would give more precision and yeah. Also, the Chifure is kin of true to its color and although shimmery, it's opaque. So I might be able to just top that with a more pinkish balm or lipgloss of some sort. Anyways, that's my opinion and yeah. Have a nice day y'all!

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