Friday, 1 November 2013

Dogs, Cakes, Halloween.

Hello guys! This is a post to show everyone and so I would have something to read on probably 5 years from now. Hashi's puppies! They're just so cute I can't even. I think they're about a month now. No idea how old they are exactly but anyways. They're somehow big now and healthy. That's all that matters you know.

The one on our left is my bebe BOOM (boy) and the one on our right  is my bebe JINGLE (girl) and yeah aren't they just the cutest of the cutest creatures? By the way I say that to any cute pets so don't be alarmed. The shape of their faces kind of looks different from each other because of their parents look quite different as well but they're both cute so whatevs. 

My picture with the bebes. I know they wouldn't be this cute for too long so yeah better take pictures before it's too late. Anyways. That's all for this post guys.

And by the way I did not do anything for Halloween so sorry for that. You know though sometimes I think my Halloween posts are just always at the top because I look ridiculous on my pictures. Anyways. I don't really care LOL. Happy Halloween! Better safe than sorry! :)

On other note, I want to show you guys these beautiful cakes that I was able to taste and yeah. Well actually, there's nothing special with the cakes but I just took pictures because they look good. 

This is called Jamocha from Goldilocks and I believe this is actually a relatively new cake from them and it was alright :) I mean, I'm not actually a fan of like Mocha cakes or the flavor in general but this one didn't make me not want it so yeah good job.

This cake is moist. So moist actually! It's a black forest from Red Ribbon and yeah it didn't disappoint me or whatever but I really liked it. 

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