Monday, 28 October 2013

Election Related Thoughts

It was election day again awhile ago. I just want to share this thought to you. I was talking to my Australian friend yesterday and I told him that sometimes I don't really feel like voting. It must have been the system he is accustomed to or something but he doesn't seem to be pleased with my statement. I told him that I think I would feel guilty if I put someone in position and that person I voted would actually mess up or something. He said I shouldn't feel that way and later on the conversation he said that the least I could do is to actually choose the lesser evil. 

I don't know how I feel about that.

Lesser or greater evil is still evil. And I don't know why would I want to place an evil on a position. Like, I very much appreciate UST's voting option to like abstain. Because it's hella useful for me. I'm the type of person who thinks it through a little bit and not just do it because of some useless shiz. I like to vote because I believe in someone and not because I was told to do so. And definitely not because I have to pay for it if I don't. Ehem Australia. Well, it's probably different in Australia. I don't really blame its people or its system. I mean, they're a wealthy country so the impact there is slightly different as it is here in the Philippines I guess. That is not to say that they don't need a lot of thinking when it comes to putting someone in position but yeah. Think of it as a game with lives to spare. In Australia, if they mess up, it probably wouldn't be too obvious because they got lives remaining. Unlike here, when they mess up, it would be kind of obvious because there's like only one life left. ALWAYS. You get what I mean?

I also told him that I somehow I associate forcing people to vote to forcing them to marry. It's just that you're being forced to be with someone you really don't want to be with. You feel me? No? 

I'm so glad that the election here doesn't really force people to vote because that would be a mess and unfair! I know it's our right as citizen but hey! Not all people want to exercise rights sometimes. And if it's on pure laziness, shame on you! But if it's because you're not sure or you don't trust someone, way to go! And no! I'm not promoting laziness or like not voting. If there would be a law like that (Australia) here in the Philippines, I would strongly suggest they include 'abstain' as an option. Because it's just fair. I mean, hindi sayang ang boto dahil wala kang maisip na iboto. Sayang ang boto kung bumoto ka ng maling tao. That's just for me.

Also! Can I just add that I hate the fireworks that's been happening for like the last 30 minutes now. I mean, come on! I know I'm like so negative about elections but to be fair, I actually like this election more than last time. It's because I know half the people I voted and if they mess up, one way or another, there's a high chance of me bumping into them around this community and that I would be able to give them just give them THE STARE. Stare of shame that is. 

Less evil is still evil. And for me, innocent until proven guilty is not the best way to go as well. And most importantly remember that it is a no return no exchange policy. But it might be too late now. Just a reminder for next time then. Have a good day.

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