Friday, 12 July 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 5

Hi guys! This is Flashback Friday # 5 A.K.A "I LOVE MYSELF" LOL.

1. This is me with an ice cream cart. Not real of course. When my cousin and I went to Manila Ocean Park, we saw this at the second floor of the establishment and what else would we do? Take pictures of course! I love how Filipino themed the displays are. There's also a jeepney and some other stuff there. Will share that soon! Anyways, this cart is very popular in the Philippines. Like, someone would just push the cart anytime of the day and ring the bell and like inform you that there's a cart outside and stuff. Much like an ice cream truck but way too simpler. Actually, for some reason, they call it "dirty ice cream" I hope they're not dirty though. I think they're not dirty. As to why it's call dirty ice cream, I have no idea. Usual flavors are Queso, Ube, and Chocolate.

2. This. LOL. When we went to Starbucks, my cousin asked my bestie and I to make her a fan sign and I was like, I'm not your fan. Hahaha. Anyways, she wrote her name and I asked her to take a picture of me barely holding the tissue as if disgusted by her name. But I love my cousin and I would always be her fan but then again I just thought that making a fan sign is a little bit unnecessary. My bestie actually have a proper fan sign picture but yeah. Whatever.

3. This is during our Caleruega Retreat and a friend took the photo. I think I was drafting a blog while listening to music and yeah. I miss that place so much! It's just perfect. Before the board exam, I think I need a retreat or something. 

4. New Year 2011. Dad never failed to make us this. It's a simple Japanese Tradition and yeah. Nice. Oh MOCHI TOO.

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