Thursday, 14 March 2013

Manila Ocean Park. Revisited!

I mentioned here that I will be revisiting Manila Ocean Park! Not with my family but my cousin (still family) LOL. So I've decided to kind of have an overview, and then kind of have a different post for the fishes and jellies. 

Okay let's go na.

So I totally didn't notice this before. Or maybe it is because it was so crowded before. Since it's a Wednesday when we went, there weren't too much people around. Just perfect. 

We first visited the Marine Habitat which is like, a pool and a back stage where they feed the mammal, I suppose? And probably where they train them as well. 

The pool is not that big either so I kind of feel bad for the sea lions. Because you know, if you come to think about it, the sea lions shouldn't feel as if they're far from home so I was thinking that they shouldn't be placed in such a small place. And then we also watched the Sea Lion Show. 

I was kind of surprised because they kind of have the same place for all their shows. So we were like, looking for the show's place because before the Sea Lion Show, they were showing the bird show and so I though that there would be a place for everything but yeah. Share share din.

It was actually fun. I enjoyed it. I kind of want to comment though that it was too hot when we went and I think that the place should be covered or something because we can't really go near because the heat of the sun was like, we can't even. 

The place was dark and as far as I'm concern, we're not supposed to do take pictures with flash but the camera that we used there didn't really have flash but it has some sort of light of its own so yeah. I hope we didn't offend any of the jellyfishes. The place was beautiful. It was a quiet place and the music was nice. Although I probably would recommend a playlist or some genius stuff from iTunes because they only play one song from Yiruma I believe. So there's that.

And then to the Oceanarium. It was actually the only place we visited before in my A Look Back post so yeah it's the only place I revisited. Haha great. They actually have several sections inside. Like, there's a section for lake water fishes, and other creatures.

Amsorry for the flash. I was surprised by the flash as well. Haha that face.

I enjoyed the show. My cousin was like, we look like a little kid enjoying the show. But you know, even though we're both 21, we're both kids at heart. We will always be! :)

And then one more picture before we go out of the building? That's all! Good vibes! :) I think the lights were cute. 

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